March 25, 2018

About Us


Our Name

Pertrolance is the combination of three words.  These three words are critical to your success.

  • Performance

An organization’s success is driven by operational performance, how well processes mesh with one another and fine tuning them to maximize results.

  • Control

Doing things the right way and holding people accountable helps you reach goals in a controlled way which helps minimize things that could go wrong.

  • Compliance

Understanding the importance of following the rules, both internal and external, and operating within them to create a culture of compliance.

Our Pledge

At Pertrolance, our mission is to help you find solutions that lead to your success. If we don’t think our advice and training will help, we will tell you.  If our work does not enhance your business, we will not charge you.  That is our promise.

Actionable Advice

The foundation of our company is integrity. It’s how we do business day in and out. Unlike other consulting companies, we’ll give it to you straight. No consulting-speak. No nonsensical strategy that only sounds good but isn’t actionable.

Our advisors have been helping organizations succeed for decades.  Many have been in similar situations as you. This experience is what sets us apart from all of the others.

Knowledge Transfer

We specialize in sharing our knowledge with others.  We spend time with our clients to ensure they understand how we go about our work and the results.  We have a knack for explaining complex issues in everyday language.

We can also train your employees to do the work in the future.  We call this “Re-Sourcing”.


Our Goal

Our goal is simple.  We will provide useful insight, knowledge and processes that your organization can use to reach and even exceed its goals and objectives.

We believe our approach to advisory services sets us apart from all the others.