March 25, 2018

Advisory Services

Anyone can call themselves a consultant. We like to think of ourselves as advisors.  As your search for a firm to help build and enhance your organization ask yourself, do I want people who have been in my shoes before or have only been consultants?  Our advisors have extensive experience in the business world, not just as consultants.  Some have owned or own their own companies, others have done both consulting and corporate work.  All have a lot of experience, are highly trained, and have a lot of certifications (those fancy letters behind their names).

One of the biggest differentiators between Pertrolance and other consultants is we cut through the consultant speak and give you straight answers to your questions.  Many executives are skeptical of consultants.  For good reasons.  We are different.

If we cannot help we will tell you.  If you are not satisfied with our advisory services, you will not pay a dime.

Organizations Need Advisory Services From Time to Time

As your organization grows, there will be  situations where you need help.  Our advisory services help you maximize the performance of your organization helping you realize your goals and objectives.  Keep reading to see how our advisory services can help your organization today and in the future.

The Growth Timeline

As your organization begins its journey, you may initially need some help with accounting and finance.  Many organizational leaders like to focus on what they enjoy – not paying the bills, taking care of payroll and taxes not to mention all the other administrative burdens. See our Accounting Support Services and our Tax Services


Many times when growth takes off, so to does the spending.  We can help you control spending and save money by monitoring vendor contracts to verify that you are being billed according to the terms of your agreement and if you have over paid, we will help you get your money back.  We can also maintain your employee expense reimbursement program and purchasing card program to ensure better compliance or perhaps perform a periodic audit of these functions.  See our Cost Containment & Recovery Services.


As your organization grows, you will need to document and formalize your processes.  This is critical to the overall success of your business because it helps with consistency in service and quality, preparing for succession planning and everyday turnover, and established critical controls that can help prevent and deter deviant behavior that is detrimental to your business and its reputation.  Additionally, if you have grown to the point where you are looking financing or even contemplating going public, we can help document your financial internal controls.  See our Business Process Services for more information.



At some point, you will become tired of surprises. This is a great time for a more formalized risk management program – a fancy consulting term for identifying what can go wrong and what you should do about it.  Check out our “What keeps you up at night?” page for more information.



Pertrolance has a comprehensive menu of advisory services for your organization as it progresses through its life cycle.