June 10, 2018



Pertrolance has partnered with its sister organization Fraud.global to provide additional services, training, and knowledge sharing to better empower our clients and friends.

Fraud.global goes beyond the services offered by Pertrolance.  Fraud.global offers the following services:

  • Fraud & Forensics
    • Anti-Fraud Programs & Controls including Fraud Prevention & Detection
    • Fraud Investigations
    • Analytics
    • Training
  • Internal Audit
    • Co-Sourcing
    • Specialized or Niche Audits
    • Quality Assessment Reviews
    • Training
  • Ethics & Governance
    • Ethics Program Development
    • Integration of Anti-Fraud Programs and Controls to your Ethics & Governance Programs
  • Training
    • Onsite and Online training programs
    • Knowledge Sharing Platform to Learn from one another

This plus a whole lot more!  Visit Fraud.global today to find out more.